Bagi anda yang memiliki akun email di Gmail. Kini Google memberikan kemudahan untuk mengakses akun anda langsung dari ponsel. Tentunya dengan bantuan aplikasi bernama Gmail Mobile. Bahkan aplikasi ini mendukung hampir semua ponsel. Dan tentu saja, GRATIS !

Sampai saat ini Gmail Mobile telah mencapai versi 2 dengan penambahan fitur – fitur baru. Berikut fitur yang terkandung dalam Gmail Mobile :
* Smooth and responsive user interface
* Powerful shortcut keys and intuitive menus
* Search and find any Gmail message


  • Multiple accounts.New! Quickly switch between your Google Apps email and Gmail from the same client.
  • Multiple Mobile Drafts.New! Jot your thoughts down, finish and send later.
  • Shortcut keys*.New! Undo, scroll up and down, archive, delete, refresh at the push of a button. See Menu/Help in the app.
  • Basic offline*.New! Compose and read your most recent email even when you’re on the subway or plane.
  • Language Support.New! Gmail for mobile 2.0 is available in over 35 languages.
  • Message autorefresh. Gmail shows new messages in your inbox without you having to refresh the browser.
  • Address autocomplete. Gmail lets you enter long email addresses using just a few keystrokes.
  • View attachments. Open message attachments, including photos, Microsoft Word™ documents and PDF files.
  • Gmail goodness. Spam filtering, search, labels, filters, stars – and lots of storage space.

* Note that not all phones fully support basic offline or all shortcut keys.
This service is free from Google; carrier charges may apply.

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